Soaking Some Sun


I took this photo at a nearby park in San Dimas. There was activity all around. People were walking their dogs and kids were playing. But these flowers were reaching up and soaking in some sun. In one way, these tiny flowers remind me of the Orthodox tradition of Hesychasm, the life of prayer and silence. Hesychasm is a life of knowing God, of communing with him, of engaging in his life. And from this quiet life flows authentic forgiveness, justice, mercy, humility and love.

When I was much younger, I had aspirations of changing the world. Big dreams. Big ideas. Big actions. Now I want to learn to be still in our busy world so that God will change me. Like these flowers, I want to bask in God’s life and to glow with light and warmth into my little corner of the world.

Photo taken with a Nikon D40x in San Dimas, CA.

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