Blessed with Work

Blessed with Work-sRGB

I’m amazed at people who can create beautiful things with their hands. My wife and kids can do this with ease. I’m not so fortunate, so I appreciate it all the more when I watch them build, paint, draw, crochet, or use power tools.

There’s a line that comes to mind from one of my favorite movies, Return to Me. Marty O’Reilly (played by Carroll O’Connor) states, “I’m blessed with work.” Isn’t that why we’re here? To work with our hands; to care for our world and for each other. It’s through our hands that we create and care. And when properly performed, our work visibly reflects the invisible God into our world.

Photo taken with a Nikon D40x in Azusa, CA. Post in Capture NX2 and Pixelmator.


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