Blurry Dreams

This was an intentionally out-of-focus shot through some branches. I like the ethereal dreamlike quality of the shot.

This image reminds me of my dreams — not necessarily my nighttime dreams, but my future dreams. When I was younger, the vision I held of my future was sharp. I knew exactly what I wanted to be and do. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the person I was becoming as I pursued my dreams.

As I’ve aged, and hopefully matured, my foresight has become much less focused, but definitely more colorful. Quite frankly, I like it this way. I feel like I’m part of a larger story rather than trying to forcefully write one. That means I get to enjoy the scenery, characters and plot as they unfold and not always wrestle and manipulate everything toward my preferred outcomes.

Photo taken with a Nikon D40x in Crestline, CA. Post in Capture NX2.

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