The Art of Time

This image of a decorative aztec calendar at Citrus College initiated some personal reflection about time. In our culture, time-keeping is usually austere as we mark its passage with numbers, dashes and grids. This is so different from other cultures that kept time with colors, symbols and pictures. In those cultures, there seems to be an art to time. Keeping time goes hand-in-hand with beauty.

And there is also an art to living in time, a winsome way of living that fills time with beauty. So many of us worry about the past and rush toward the future while never learning to live fully in the present. From that perspective, the present is simply a small point in which time simply rushes past us.

But the art of living in time learns to expand the present from a point into a panorama. The past cannot be changed and the future is steadily approaching, no matter how much we rush or fret. But the true moment is now. It is when you and I are. It is the moment of redemption and communion.

Photo taken with a Nikon D40x in Glendora, CA. Post in Capture NX 2.

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