Nojoqui Falls 2

This is another image of Nojoqui Falls. Regarding Nojoqui Falls, Jordan Rane asks in an article:

“What is it about a waterfall that inspires us to walk that extra thousand yards, drive that additional half an hour, make that otherwise inexplicable knee-jerk detour off the highway for the privilege of gazing upon liquid pouring over a 66.4-foot sandstone cliff into the stillness of a secluded canyon in an unpronounceable Santa Barbara County park a couple of miles off the 101 Freeway?”

Frankly, I don’t know if there’s any answer that can adequately capture why we’re compelled to go out of our way to view a waterfall. Perhaps in that moment we learn a small lesson in seeing. And by seeing, we’re connected to something much larger and older than ourselves and are thus enriched.

I’ve posted this photo despite its similarity to the previous post mostly because of the lens flare. I intentionally captured the lens flare because I liked the faux fisheye look it created.

Photo taken with a Nikon D40x in Solvang, CA. Post in Capture NX2.


  1. The thing that amazed me about Nojoqui Falls was how vibrant and alive it is. The informational plaque near the falls said that, unlike many waterfalls that are eroded by the water that cascades over the cliff, the Nojoqui Falls are growing and living because of minerals that are carried in the water. It is similar to the minerals that cause stalagmites and stalactites to grow.
    There are about four different types of fern that grow in that mineral rich waterway. It was so beautiful to stand close and see all the intricate details of a thriving wall of wonder. God’s handiwork is always amazing. I’m glad you captured some of it in photos, to share with people who can’t walk to these places.

    • Thanks for providing that additional information, Babe! I was so busy taking photos that I didn’t even see the plaque. It explains why the falls were so lush and beautiful. I’m especially glad that I was able to share that moment with you and the kids.

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