Easter Under Quarantine

Easter 2020. Because of COVID-19, the places we would normally see and hear the joyous signs of Easter are vacant and silent. Freeways are virtually empty of travelers. Churches, normally filled with exuberant worship and preaching, are closed. Parks are empty of children playing and families celebrating.

But just like the large stone sealing Jesus’ tomb could not stop God’s abundant life and love from exploding upon our broken world, neither can a quarantine prevent that same life and love. In homes throughout the world, God’s people are still turning their hearts, voices and lives to offer worship and homage to Jesus, the Lord of this world. And as God’s people continue to be formed into Christ’s likeness through the power of God’s Spirit, they will continue to fill this world with life, love, caring, peace, joy, patience and kindness, even if it’s behind gloves and masks and from six feet away.

Easter marks the day when God launched his New Creation through his Son’s resurrection and continues to implement his New Creation in and through those who are loyal to his Son. And absolutely nothing in creation will stop what God has started.

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