The other morning, I was greeted by fog during my drive to work. That’s when I captured this image.

When I reflect on this image, I realize that I made some decisions that allowed me to seize the opportunity that resulted in this image. First, I’ve made it a discipline to take my camera to work even though I rarely use it there. I remember hearing advice to carry one’s camera everywhere in order to be prepared for opportunities when they occur. There are many mornings when I’m tempted to leave my camera bag at home since most times it’s just extra weight. Having one less bag to carry would be nice. But each time I want to leave it, I choose to grab it with my other gear.

Second, as I was driving to work, this scene grabbed my eye as I quickly drove by. My first thought was to let it go. I was comfortable in my warm car with my hot coffee. I didn’t want to get out in the cold and darkness. But how often would these conditions present themselves again? So I drove around the block, parked, and took some photos.

I like being surprised by opportunities. But being able to take advantage of those opportunities sometimes requires disciplines and decisions.

Sony A7Riii, Sony 50mm f/1.2

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