Project’s End

As I’ve mentioned in the past, photography has been my personal attempt at viewing, reflecting upon and living within God’s beauty and grace. He is present in every nook and cranny of his creation.

This photoblog is the byproduct of my personal blog, Journeying Home. What I attempted there with my limited writing abilities, I was attempting here with my even more limited camera skills. Time, space and matter are God’s canvas. So, with each image, I was hoping to highlight the often-missed beauty inherent in his creation.

But life moves and changes. Today I posted my last post to my personal blog. And it only seemed appropriate that with its closing I should also bring this project to an end.

I especially want to thank Mark. His generosity and encouragement launched me into a new phase of digital photography. He has been and continues to be a wonderful inspiration.

And I want to thank Debbie for encouraging me to embrace this hobby, even at personal sacrifice.

Finally, I want to thank Michael for giving me such good feedback and always speaking a kind word about my images.

I plan to continue photography. And I will most likely keep posting images on my Flickr account. But more importantly, I want to always have eyes that see God’s beauty and grace in every point of life.

One comment

  1. What have you done since you stopped writing this blog?

    I equally suck at writing and even though earlier in my life one of my jobs was developing prints so large, you rolled out the Kodak paper out on a metal wall and hung with magnets, the enlarger was so big it was on train tracks, and I still cant take a picture to save my life.

    Have I given up?

    Where do I go from here?

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