I’ve let life’s fullness distract me. The distraction has been a subtle shift over the years that I haven’t noticed until recently. Or maybe I did notice, but didn’t care at the time. 

But I care now. 

I’m aware that a piece of me is gone. I don’t blame this on my full life. My family, my friends, my job, my photography, they are all gifts of God. But as I discussed on my blog, I’ve chosen to focus on certain things that resulted in neglecting other things. That’s part of life’s transactions. I’m just glad that God’s grace allows us to “refinance” those transactions and make new and necessary steps to health. 

As part of those steps, I’m relaunching this photoblog. I hope this will become a rest stop as we’re Journeying Home; a place to pause, observe and reflect on the beauty of our Father’s world.

This photo was taken by my best friend, Mark Feliciano. You can see his amazing work at:

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