Missed Beauty

I remember hearing someone say that there are flowers at the top of mountains that no human will ever see. But their beauty is seen and enjoyed by God.

We don’t have to climb a mountain to view beauty. Beauty surrounds us. But we’re often distracted from seeing it. As we rush through our day, we might miss our child’s doodle, or the dramatic clouds, or the gentle breeze, or someone holding open a door.

Or we fail to recognize the beauty in what we’ve already judged as mundane or ugly. We miss the creativity because of the clutter, we miss the wisdom because of the wrinkles, we miss the canvas for new creation at work because of bad leadership or stress, we miss God’s image in the another person because of differing opinions.

The good news is that while we may miss these flashes of beauty, God sees and enjoys them all. And if we let him, he can draw our attention to beauty around us.

Image created with an iPhone.

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