Bleachers are made for more than spectators. They’re made for fans. At a t-ball or little league game, parents and friends sit in the bleachers rooting for their child. They want him or her to do their best. I remember as a swimmer, so many decades ago, hearing my parents cheering my name as I stepped upon the starting block. 

We should live life knowing we have fans cheering us on. And more importantly, we have a Father that is our greatest fan. The Bible says he sings over us with joy. I like to think he’s cheering and applauding over us. As we live our lives and strive to do good, kind, loving acts for the sake of others, he cheers our name. When you comfort your distressed child, your Father cheers for you. When you let a co-worker receive acknowledgment, he joyfully shouts your name. When you stop and help someone, he roars “Well done!” 

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