This is an image of one of the smaller trees in a local park. There are so many of these kind of trees all over the place. Frankly, there’s nothing spectacular or noticeable. I have walked past this tree everyday without noticing it. But on the day I took this image, I did notice it. I’m not sure if it was how the light was playing on the branches or the texture of bark. But something about this mundane ordinary tree caught my eye.

In a similar way, I’m surrounded by ordinary people everyday. There’s nothing spectacular about them, or me for that matter. But I’m trying to notice them. Each one has a story. Each one was someone’s baby at one time, someone’s child, someone’s lover, someone’s friend. Each have had dreams, joys, tragedies, sorrows. Whether they’re a high-powered business person in a trophy car or a homeless person sleeping on the bench, each one has unique life, beauty, goodness, creativity, and strength. They deserve to be noticed. They need to be noticed.

Image created with an iPhone.

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