Excitement & Sadness

This week my wife and youngest son dismantled his bunk bed. I wasn’t expecting to be hit by such powerful emotions when I looked in his room and saw the bed leaning against the wall, ready for removal. We bought that bed for him and his older brother years ago. I remember the excitement they had when we set it up for them. I remember going into their room and looking at them while they slept.

Michael moved out a couple years ago. And now Chris has outgrown the bed. And another piece of their childhood disappears.

This is one of the circumstances where the same moment is viewed from two very different perspectives.

Chris is excited about changing his room from his and Michael’s room to his own. I completely understand that. And part of this transformation is removing those things they have outgrown in order to make room for their future.

My kids face futures full of potential and excitement. They are on a journey of discovering God’s vocation for them now and in the future. But a good part of my vocation now lies in the past, being their dad and raising them from childhood into adulthood. I’m excited with them as they walk into their future. But sad as I look over my shoulder at the past we leave behind.

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