True Self

Our culture encourages us to embrace our individuality and uniqueness. There’s some truth to that message. However, the popular message in our culture doesn’t recognize that we’re also corrupt and broken people. Our desires are disordered. So, if in the pursuit of our “true selves,” we respond to every desire or whim, we will only face disaster.

That’s why following Jesus is the key to fulfilling our genuine human life in general and our unique individuality specifically.

As we learn from him how to re-order our disordered desires and trust him to restore our shattered selves and bring us into alignment with the true human vocation, we truly become the unique person God made us to be. We become more fully the unique individual he created. 

Following Jesus into the human vocation of being God’s image and ambassador in his world does not mean the loss of our unique identity but the true beginning of it. In this pursuit we become truly human and truly ourselves.

Image created with a Sony a7r3, Lightroom & Photoshop.

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